Sparkle kicks WordPress's @rse again

Once again, I waded into WordPress hell, this time to post a webcomic on my site. All the advice says WordPress is the best way to do this.

The advice is wrong.

I’ll spare you the details, because you’ve probably been there: installing and uninstalling countless plug-ins and themes, none of which quite look or work right, fighting with widget, menu, and appearance settings until you find yourself staring at PHP code, tempted to wander in like a blind surgeon with a hacksaw.

But there’s a point where just because something should work doesn’t mean it will, or that a “sunk-cost” time investment is ever going to pay off.

Sure, Sparkle can’t automatically generate blog pages for me, but still it was so much faster to just import one of my existing pages (amazing feature), copy-paste the subsequent pages, and manually create “Next” and “Previous” links. In an hour, I’d eliminated all my frustrations and produced the site that I wanted from the start.

I am so grateful for this program that I’m switching to a monthly subscription.


I second that. Our website was also done using WordPress at significant cost – I had to hire someone. My own “wakeup call” happened when we released a new version of our software. I changed one single digit: I changed “5.0.4” to “5.0.5”. For this unforgivable sin, the text layout get messed up!

At that point, I realized that the WP site is not maintainable and that I better write-off the sunk cost.


It’s like a confirmed hypothesis - replicatable across the world!
It is the marketing spin that get’s us to believe it is anything else and for all it is it doesn’t deliver half of what it says and then there are the constant headaches! WordPress was created by developers and has been hacksawed to bits to make it the greatest spaghetti plugin online monster!

The web has become so complicated with these developers’ created back ends called CMS! So give me Sparkle anytime for its simplicity, stability, and well thought out platform that just works!!! :slight_smile:


HA! Word, brothers!

Just feel all that anger bubbling over. That platform is a waste of time, and I’m happy to be rid of it. (Well, except for my blog. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that we may yet see a blog solution for Sparkle, and I can get rid of that iFrame window sawed through the scenery of my lovely Sparkle site so that janky old WordPress can show through.)


I can feel and understand your pain so well. :weary: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

I recently had to update a WordPress site for a new client, who had asked for help about 3 weeks ago … a WordPress installation with countless plug-ins that had not been updated since 2015!!! :roll_eyes:

It was a nightmare.

The positive outcome of this though: I will redesign the entire website for this new client in the coming months. So the headache lead to a new Sparkle project. :+1: Yeah! :slightly_smiling_face:


OH MAN!!! I’m having a real forehead-slap moment: It only now occurred to me that I can run my webcomic as a gallery on a single page – with all the lovely little navigation bits (forward/backward arrows, thumbnails, etc) that are already built into Sparkle. That also makes it dead-simple to update, too.

It’s just too easy! Now the whole webcomic site is just three pages!

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