Sparkle maxing cpu


I am new to Sparkle but not new to making web pages. In the dark ages I used Dreamweaver (and several of it predecessors) but coding is not my passion.

I switched to iWeb and loved the concept and used it a lot.

At its demise I switched to Sandvox and with work arounds still do but I am worried I have left it late to replace what seems to be a good product with no support.

I have yet to publish for public consumption any pages with Sparkle. My efforts with Sparkle so far have been mixed. I really like the concept and I really find the Beta nature a bit frustrating.

Perhaps I am too old to be patient with my learning curve.

I have two sites I would like to reproduce with as soon as possible. Both are for a community orchestra I am a member of.

The public site seems easy and I am happy with Sparkle as I expect I will go live with that site shortly. The Members only site is another matter.

The closed site is an archival resource for the members. One archive is the minutes of executive and general meetings. Each meeting has minutes, reports and documents. In my first attempt I have pasted the minutes in one long page for each year/season. Each year web page is text only and averages the equivalent of 20 pages in a word document with about 7 to 10 meetings per web page. Added to each meeting are pdf files containing reports and documents. These files are dropped into the web page near the appropriate meeting and converted to a button and when clicked launch the pdf. At this point there are 13 years (or 13 web pages) in a section called Meeting Minutes. I have aded scroll to links for each meeting on each page.

So…after all this what is my point?

Sparkle steadily slowed down as the site grew. Now if I edit the style of the text on any page it takes as much as two minutes to complete the step. When I change devices in Sparkle it can be two to three minutes waiting. As well if I try to export to disk it hangs up about 1/4 of the way. The same happens if I try to publish to the web. The public site works fine so I know it’s not my techniques or processes. If I preview in Safari everything work just fine.

I am working on a late 2013 iMac (3.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7) running Catalina. The activity monitor indicates Sparkle is maxing out the processor during the wait time.

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Hi @GuyRoux,

Sparkle is generally not that slow so I guess you’re hitting some edge case. You will need to send us the project and I can then offer advice, workaround and develop a fix.

Please send the project via to

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Wow thanks for the quick reply. I will send the project soon. I am away from my desktop until this week end. I may be able to send it using my iPad but I expect it will have wait.