Sparkle Pro 14-day trial

I have a Sparkle Pro license. In Sparkle version 3.1.3 (8548) when I Sparkle > Your License…, the “Your Sparkle License” part of the dialog window displays Sparkle Pro and my license code. So far, so good.

However under the “Upgrade Options” section of the dialog, the first entry is "Sparkle Pro (14 day free trial). I’ve already licensed and am using Sparkle Pro, so why is this being displayed?


I had the same issue, my licence code was there, I had the full functionality but still said 14 days trial. At the end of the 14days I had to renter my licence code and everything showed correct since.

I hope that helps.


Hi @macindigo, that’s because the free trial includes the developer tools.

@MiWe Thanks much for your response. I upgraded to Sparkle Pro 3 in June 2021 but have never activated the 14 day trial. Apparently this is just something that I can ignore.

@duncan Thanks for your response as well. I’m retired from ~40 years in IT system programming and use Sparkle. It’s a great developer tool, even without the developer tools, and a missing If/Else in the license dialog code:-)