Sparkle publishes entire website, every time

I have an issue with publishing.

Every time I publish even a single change, Sparkle will publish my entire website.

I don’t think it my host, as I can still publish to A2 with the old app Sandvox, and not have this issue.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this?

Thanks Community!


Admittedly, there is little about this in the documentation. However, it feels like there are thousands of posts here in the forum about precisely this topic.

And yes, all HTML or PHP pages are rewritten and published every time. This guarantees that all pages are on the same code level.

However, images should only be re-uploaded if something has been changed.

Mr. F.

Hi @ziffin,

are you using Sparkle 5.5.1? In it we added a work around related publishing very large sites on some FTP servers, that would result in Sparkle a significant fraction of the images.

If you are up to date, and what you are seeing is Sparkle republishing the main page html (or php), this is entirely normal and expected, as has been mentioned several times in the community here.

There are currently no known issues with publishing, that would cause republishing static assets.