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Hello everyone,
I would like to know if anyone knows the URL of a site where they sell a template for a rock music group to use it with Sparkle 4. The one provided by Sparkle obviously did not liked to a pseudo musicians…
I really appreciate your help

That gets ask often here, I have used the forums search function for your and found this:

There aren’t more templates in the internet as above mentioned.
Hope that helps.

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@Carrara1, this is a hard one as a lot of Sparkle Users ask where are the templates we can use to gain a head-start (which is not for everyone), but we don’t see the support! :frowning:

I haven’t created a Sparkle template for a rock music group as yet, but maybe @Chris can help out with his template created for the Musos - Sparkle Thenes | Muso Pro Multi Page Theme

I am happy to create anything you need, we can talk about it.

Hi @Miwe, thanks a lot for your help.I am not a great designer but I can do what the customer asked to me, my trouble right now are, they don’t know what they wanted. Any idea I send to the boys the say "is great but change this and this and that…and each one (5 young guys) ask for different things.
Unfortunately Sparkle is the best solution for design web pages not a great psychologist.
If I go ahead with this project or another I will be in touch with you.

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Hello @FlaminFig,
Thanks for your help. See my previous note. Hope you finish soon your templates web page, Two heads thinks more and best than just one.

@Carrara1, It is never great having more than one person to deal with when it comes to designing a website! :frowning:

My advice would be call a meeting and let the group know that 4 of them has to go through one of them that you will work with to create the website. Also let them know that you are the expert on what needs to be done so…

  • Always good to start of with a questionnaire with set questions so you can gleam into what they want and more so importantly you have a record of what they want
  • Have them go through a number of websites and give you the aspects they want and like
  • Set the number of revisions… I would not give more than 3
  • Present a time line so to bring about the urgency of a completion date

Of course there is much more that you can do, but in the end you need to take the lead because they have come to you because you are the “expert”…


Also, adding to what Hendrik said above, I don’t know if you work professionally with websites or not, but having a prototype designed and everything already agreed between all parts before starting development is how you don’t waste time (and how you make clients to not waste your time too).


@FlaminFig, Thanks a lot for your advise, will take some points in consideration. with Sparkle is quick and easy to make a prototype of the web site, nope air this measures help to finish or cancel the project-

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Thanks a lot @primo will do my best for the “art” with this project.