Sparkle upload friendly web hosting services

Hi Folks … I have been using HostGator, but am having issues. Does anyone have any suggestions for website host that can make use of Sparkles built in upload up feature?

So @dMacGuy what part of the world are you reaching out from?

I’m here in the Oceania region.
Sparkle is pretty robust with its Publishing feature, but the things to look out for is the host needs to…

  • offer the latest PHP
  • allow to assign a SSL to your domain (plus email accounts)
  • is compliant with Google’s and Yahoo’s latest email security layer

I have also read here in the forum that server side cache is an issue where at times when you update (Publish) your website the server doesn’t update its cache. So that is something to look out for as well.

Hi @dMacGuy, unfortunately web hosting is a bit of a low margin business, so one of cost, quality of service or quality of support suffers (if not all three). What this mean is everybody has their tradeoff, so what we generally suggest is people visit and pick one of the top few in the list. This is a non-sponsored review site, so you shouldn’t be falling into a trap.

I have just started using name cheap hosting, I have found it very good and fast. They also have servers in the UK, Europe and the US.