Sparkle will not start

I was editing my Sparkle file when the program froze and displayed the message: “Sparkle quit unexpectedly.” I was given three choices: Reopen, Report or Ignore. I tried Reopen and Ignore, but nothing happened. So I renamed my copy of to something else and attempted to download a fresh copy from the Apple App Store, but when I did so Sparkle seemingly would not download or open and I got the same message. So I closed all other programs and restarted my computer before again trying to download a fresh copy of Sparkle from the App Store in an otherwise fresh computer. Same result.

I am running MacOS Big Sur and the OS seems to be working fine. Other apps work fine. I have had the new OS going for several days. Sparkle 3 was working well too until this suddenly happened.

I cannot think of what might be causing this problem. Any ideas?


Please get in touch via email, we’ll look into this.