Sparkle With Sidecar

Hello to all of you!

A quick technical question for mac owners under the new OS Catalina:
Sparkle is one of the applications that apple is promoting to be perfectly adapted to Sidecar (using an ipad as a dual screen), but I don’t see how it’s optimized?

Someone could enlighten me.
Thank you. Thank you.
Nicolas (The French Sparkleler !)

Hey Nicolas,

while flattering, we actually have not added any specific feature in Sparkle for Sidecar. I guess it just means Sparkle works well when used from the iPad :slight_smile:

it’s the consecration of a successful job!

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need an iPad now! ^^
(could be really nice for the preview)

I thought SPARKLE would work with the stylus on the ipad screen… but no!!!

So it’s just good advert (^_^)