Splash Screen disclaimer

I have to create a splash screen page for a client, showing an age disclaimer prompt before they can enter the site. A yes answer let them go through, a no answer will let them know they can’t enter the site, or something like that. How do I setup my pages to do that?

I don’t think there would be anything special about this? Just a regular page that you’d link from pages that need to go to the final one. And on it two buttons, one for yes the other for no?

I guess you are right… I thought perhaps it needs some code etc… ok I’ll try this! Thank you!
P.s. I contacted the team from the sparkle theme experts, I need help to put this site I am working on. Are they based in Europe? Or the IS or both? Thank you!

If you mean sparkle-themes.com, that’s not us.

We, Sparkle development team, are based in Florence, Italy.

Oh ok good to know. Gracie Mille!

@PascalDangin, just to show you how cool Sparkle is in working with “approval walls” on a website that is age-sensitive, check out one of our client’s website and try to enter the shop page - https://watertonhall.com.au

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Thank you. That is exactly what I need to create. Also where it remembers when a user entered the correct informations and visit the page thereafter. thank you!

I think you got a typo error in the months drop-down.

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Hey @Frenchie, thank you for pointing that out to me… You’re the best!!! :slight_smile: :pray: