Spotify like album slider

Hello everybody,

I am currently trying the trial version of Sparkle Pro. I would like to create a slider which is working like the album cover slider on music streaming services. Is there any way to create this with Sparkle?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Could you provide a screenshot or link?

In general Sparkle doesn’t have a “slider” component, it has an image gallery which can do a subset of what a slider does.

@duncan Thanks for getting back. On this page the is a demo of something I have in mind:

Right, that’s not currently possible in Sparkle.

This would be one of the top features I would love to see in Sparkle. I can imagine the possibilities of building even more amazing websites.

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You can build without that feature amazing websites in Sparkle. :wink:


This is one of the features I want to see in Sparkle.

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What I can do in Sparkle is already fantastic but to slide images or containers of content would be absolutely fantastic to have in Sparkle!!! :slight_smile:


Especially on mobile devices…

So to say… :+1, as a photographer it’s a must have.


Somebody was able to do a similar thing:

Mr. F.


There are heaps of scripts out there that you can implement in Sparkle of course.

@Mr_Fozzie: you can do similar rolls of sliding by placing several Sparkle galleries in parallel (side by side) and placing their images sequentially. If you do this, you are using the actual large gallery, and you can also check thumbnails if you like.