States for objects

I’m new to Sparkle, and am currently using the free version for assessment purposes.

I’ve created a few objects on my canvas (text/box etc), and am trying to figure out how to change their states (hover/click/select).

Any tips?

Didn‘t You find: ?

Danke Horst.

I do have those docs, but I can’t find where they talk about adjusting the states of objects. Maybe you can guide me to the correct place?

@marcelt, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

The elements you’ve mentioned (text and box) don’t have states of their own. This is where the button element comes in handy by placing it over the elements you’d like a hover state for.

Hmm. ok. I explored the button element, but it’s state support seems fairly limited (BG colour and TXT colour). I saw no option to affect the stroke, or BG images etc thus I was hoping to find advanced options elsewhere

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@marcelt, With an image (jpg, png, gif) placed you have the option to “Zoom image in lightbox” if you are looking to enlarge images on a click state.

I have a good feeling that we’ll see far more “state” features in the next big iteration of Sparkle! :slight_smile:

Hi @marcelt, Sparkle’s hover/click/select support is very limited (only built-in behaviors of buttons and the menu). We do plan on expanding it greatly, but I don’t have an exact timeframe for when that will happen.

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