Stick to Top is not Sticking to Top!

Hi guys, I have a problem with Stick to Top with a group of items. On the desktop version and on the mobile portrait it works but on the mobile landscape it is not sticking to the top.

Note - it is sticking to the top until a certain point when scrolling then it doesn’t!
I just cannot figure out what could be causing this!

Any ideas would be helpful,
Thanks, Scott

@rimram, That sounds annoying!..

I have taken a screenshot of the Group tab. Which one do you have selected below “Stick to page top”?

Yep that is the setting I am using, I just don’t get what is going on.

Thanks for your help, Scott.

Please send the project over to

Thanks @duncan I didn’t want to bother you again, but I will send it to you.
There is also another problem with the mobile menu font size that I can’t get to work correctly. The font size is correct t on the 1st menu item but does not transcend to the other menu items! Help!!

I’ll send it over now, thanks again.