Style Dropdown Selection


In the form, for a text field, I have the choice of what color to give the placeholder text and the subsequent input. For example, a light gray for the placeholder and standard black for the input.

In a dropdown selection this is not provided, it looks like. This gives the whole form an inconsistent appearance, which I think is a shame.

Is there any way to align this in a later update?

Mr. F.


You mean like this: ?

Indeed, it would be nice to implement it in a next update of Sparkle.

Here it’s a little patch on the code generated by Sparkle but I will not give details because :

  • Without some HTML/CSS/PHP basics it is not easy to find your way and navigate in the raw code.
  • My English is insufficient to clearly explain a procedure
  • It makes Duncan grumpy… :upside_down_face:

YES. That’s what i mean with placeholder text color and input color.

Mr. F.

In fact it’s neither a bug nor an omission of Sparkle.
Natively the “select” HTML tag does not have the “placeholder” attribute like a "input type=“text” so it is necessary to circumvent the lack. It’s fun but not very strict.

Steph, where’s the “little patch”? :thinking:

Show source code in your browser and go to line 5779 to 5793. This is a documented trick on dev forum.

Not sure if i am looking at the correct source file
but in my browser the source has only 736 lines!


I see 6525 lines of code :mag_right:

Mr. F.

Who says better ? :smile:

Correct Mr. F. !

@wolfferine :
1°In Safari prefs check “show Dev menu” in “Advanced”
2° On the main Page of lakazlabé : ALT+CMD+U

Thanks for the reply, but I know who to use the Dev Tools in a browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox)

Still seeing only 736 lines (see screenshot) - so what am I doing wrong?

For readability and understanding of the code it is better to display in “pretty print” mode.
Clic button : { }
Magic ! Code appears with the indentation and there are 6526 lines !

My bad :blush:, thanks mate.
Oeps, totally forgot about that one!

Now is 5779 to 5793
So you can use search tool with string “// Patch”