Style issues on Various devices

Hi ! (and happy new whatever:-)
I’ve just installed the pro version and was really enjoying it but now I’m a bit disappointed by some big style issue :
If I set a style on PC page ex : lato, black, 14 pnts,
and go to the Mobile page, the text has vanished (in fact it’s still there but white and 3 ponts high)
I set the style back to black, 12 points, and then come back to PC and, woo, characters are 36 points high and so on and on…

what did I do wrong ? or something has changed ? or I got alzheimer on the happy new what again ?

I just don’t dare to open my several other sites right now ;-(

Any clue ?

Best regards (and wishes)

Nothing, no and no.
Please read “Feature suggestions”

Mr. F.

Thanx for your answer Mr (Dr) Fozzie, but the reason why I feel a bit fuzzy is that I used to get this behaviour in the past, (sparkle 2.8 and all) and I’m quite sure it was’nt a dream or self-suggestion :wink:

@antoine-b, Have you created a font style when you laid down your content on the PC canvas? If you haven’t then the results you describe makes sense because of the scaling up or scaling down that the Sparkle engine performs between devices.

When you have set a font style on your PC canvas for 15pt and then go to your mobile canvas Sparkle will scale it down by 3x, so roughly 5pt. Because you have it font styled you can now up the size without it affecting your PC canvas.

I’m sorry for the confusion. Sparkle starts with version 3 for me.
So I don’t know how previous versions behaved.

Mr. F

Never mind dear Dr, it felt much better just to talk about it :wink:

Thanks Greenskin,
I did like you said and eventually, it works, :sweat_smile:
I won’t design any “mobile canvas style” ever again. anyway,
thanx again maestro.

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Happy to hear @antoine-b :slight_smile: