Submenu Custom Style not Uniform


I created a horizontal menu bar consisting of 5 sections. Each section has 3-5 submenu items.

I have set the Menu font to be bold. I then clicked the Custom Style checkbox to make the text in the submenus not bold.

However, Section 1 submenu item 1 remains bold while submenu items 2 and 3 have successfully changed and are no longer bold. I have tried redoing the custom style, bolding/unbolding, quitting and restarting Sparkle but cannot figure out a solution.

Thank you for your help…

Might be a bug! Hard to say without looking at the project file. Can you send it over to Thanks!

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Hi @duncan thank you for your reply.

I ended up doing a quick test repeating the steps that I did on a new project and I was unable to recreate my issue. So I really do not know what I did or what happened in my main project… however, I ended up deciding on going ahead with a simple workaround:

  1. Delete the first submenu item that would not change from bold to regular font;
  2. Adding a new submenu item (it appeared as regular font), renaming, relinking it and reordering it as submenu item No. 1.

This worked… :sweat_smile: