Sudden Crashing

Just making some minor updates to a website, clicked Publish, and CRASH. Attempting to re-open the program pulls up the pop-up to report the issue. I reported the issue, clicked Send, and the program crashed. Correlation does not imply causation, but this happened right at the moment Sparkle 5 launched! Coincidence?

Sorry about the trouble. Please email us the details of your license and we’ll look into it.

Thank you! Just sent my details.

Same here.
My PRO License is gone and all of a sudden i am in the free test version.

Will send mail.

Mr. F.

Same here came to see if others were having problems. Glad it’s not just us.
We have paid version 4.5.9 but when I enter my sparkle code get a message that it wasn’t recognised

Problem resolved. Thanks for the prompt attention, and have a great Launch Day!

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All fixed here too, thanks for the fast response, Sparkle support is amazing, as always :+1: