Super-Helpful Feature - Thanks Duncan

One thing I’m not the best at is media/asset management, and without boring you with details there’s a very-handy feature in Sparkle that has been a major time-saver:

In the inspector when it comes to any files you’ve added, there’s a small “magnifier” button used to indicate searches, right next to the “replace” and “remove” buttons. This shows you where to locate the very file you’re working on.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to reference back to that file because I needed to modify it or, make sure from where I sourced it.

Simple yet uber-powerful feature. Thanks again Duncan for putting logic into Sparkles’ design structure.


Wow, Thanks! I never noticed that before!
Agree it will come in handy!
Best, Dave

If only I’d spotted that a few weeks ago when I was doing a major overhaul… :unamused: Still, I’ll know for next time!

Thanks for the tip (missed this until now as well… :flushed:)