Text color in a title changes the body of text to that same color


I am using Sparkle 2.8 and redesigning over 40 pages of my website because of other web design apps crashing. I bought Sparkle about three weeks ago and as I am creating my new pages I have encountered this problem quite often.

When I am done with one page design, I lock all contents and save to my disk before I am ready to publish my new site.

When the body of my text is black, I like to create a title in another color, or a heading in a different color.

When I select the color like red for my title, I will see on at least 20 web pages that my black text has changed to red, or other areas that I have used the text box under a photo has changed to red or a different color.

I go back to browse other versions, and it will show saved versions and I have to copy and paste the last page that I was working on back to the current version where the text has not changed colors.

When I select an older version it will change all pages back to what I had already done, but I am missing the last page that I was working on.

Question: Can I just select one page in the older version to copy and paste back to my current version before the text color changed? Or import that one page back to the current version that I was working on?

Question: Why when selecting under style, the color that I want for a title, and then try to go back to black for the body won’t change?

When I select text the box shows a blue squiggle, not black like it use to show, how do I change that back to black?

I now see that when I click on a text box with blue around it the color button is white, not black like it is showing a background color of white yet the text is black. The other text boxes below shows black as the text color, not white?

I know this seems confusing, hopefully, someone can help me.

Thanks again,



It sounds like you are overriding your text styles so maybe going over https://sparkleapp.com/docs/text.html could be of help?


Hi @daisymay, sorry about the trouble. Color works a bit differently in Sparkle. I suggest you take a look at the documentation here:


We do need to make it a bit more obvious in the user interface, but that should explain it.