Text formatting is different in "portrait smartphone" device layout

I can’t get the fonts to behave in this long text box, which contains my CV. It looks fine for all devices but the portrait smartphone layout. The links seem to always be a different size than the other text. I’m sure that if I had set up the page better this wouldn’t be happening, but I’m at a loss. Thanks!


What is the purpose of a website? To bring information that the author has created to the viewer in a clear, understandable and readable way.

I hate that everything appears in that squiggly “Garamond” font. Instead, the main text should be in a sans serif font, such as Helvetica. Garamond for headlines, if you like. But that’s my personal opinion. No offense intended.

Have you defined styles for the font and the links? I don’t think so. You absolutely have to create these and then adjust the size in the smartphone layout. And make the font bigger for the mobile layout. At least 14pt or even 16 pt. Your visitors / readers will thank you for it.

So - no offense - and get to work.

Checkout this tutorial: Text and Fonts

Mr. F.

Hi, May I suggest a PDF for your CV?
Easy solution.

As @Mr_Fozzie said…
Make sure your Link text is styled in desktop and then when in mobile correct it to the desired size and also confirm it is what you want for all links on your website.

Could I suggest that you also have a mugshot of yourself on your CV. At the moment no one knows who you are or how you look. Human’s have a thing for facial recognition!

Your CV layout could do with a more hierarchy approach to better define the section.