Text link to zoom a picture?

Scenario: I am in a text box and wish to highlight a phrase such as “VE bunting 2020” and fashion it so that (when loaded to my site) a user can select it to zoom in a picture (of, for example, some bunting). I realise I can link the text to a page which contains the picture, but this comes with too much baggage - I just want the picture itself to zoom in, just as it does with the “Zoom image in Lightbox” function. If only I could paste a small image into the text - that would do the trick … but I can’t! Any thoughts?

This is what the lightbox function does - I think!!!. You place a small image on the page and set the onclick option to “zoom image in lightbox”. You can add an image over a text box and have it wrap the text around the image. I think the options are limited, but certainly you can add an image and have the text wrap to the right and bottom of the image:

If you set the image on-click event to lightbox, the image will zoom up.

Yes fb and thank you, that will work of course! The way I was envisioning was for a word or phrase to trigger the appearance of a zoomed image … but then how does the software source the image to zoom from the said word or phrase? duh!

You’d like to link a word to a pop up photo. If a word won’t link you may want to try a small symbol. Perhaps the symbol can be used throughout your site. Frank taught me about the “info” symbol that might trigger that pop up photo. See if the links differ on a symbol rather than the word.

I don’t think Sparkle yet has an option to open a Lightbox image from a text link. Neither can it open an alternative image (as far as I am aware) so the option of using a small symbol or graphic image as the link source is unlikely to help you. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

It’s not super robust, but you can place an image over a word, make the image zoom in a lightbox, then change the opacity to 0%. The image will still be clickable, so it will appear that you’re clicking on the word, but the image will zoom. Not robust because if it’s a big text paragraph you need to move the image if the text layout changes. It’s mostly ok if it’s a single word.

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