Text not wrapping correctly

I have some image boxes in a large text box. I’m using Wrap Text and either Above/Below or Rectangle (both have the same effect, as the image rectangle is the same width as the text box). I’ve set the Margin to what looks right.

But on my devices, the text is wrapping one line earlier.

i.e. Vertically, Sparkle shows: Line A/Image/Line B. But in my devices, I’m seeing Line A/Line B/Image. Even increasing the margin doesn’t seem to help.

Screen shots below. The image should come after the What is it? This: text.

Text wrap is occasionally inaccurate due to browser differences we still haven’t overcome. We have a small tweak to that in our upcoming 2.8.12 update, but you might need to nudge the image up and down there while checking in pecore to get it right.

OK, thanks again. I might just pull the images out and do separate text/image boxes.