Text styles on different devices


I am struggling to control text across different devices, is there a tutorial which explains this? Specifically when I have text blocks on a desktop layout and change to edit the mobile layout all of the text becomes tiny and I have to edit each text block. I assume this is not what should happen but I haven’t found a way to do it. Any suggestions as to where I can get this information?


Hi @Helen,

perhaps this tutorial about text and fonts will help?


Hi @duncan

Great video tutorial, especially for the sparkle padawans.
But the transition from desktop to mobile is missing and how to use styles for this.
Or will there be a new video to show how to make that?
There’s one in your Youtube Channel :wink:

Mr. F.

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True, it should have covered that as well, something we overlooked. We have many more videos in the works or in draft, no worries.

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That’s great, are you planning to post an advice on the blog when a new video is finished with a link to that new one, they are so helpful:)

Just bookmark this page:


and have a look from time to time.

Good idea in the meantime. A note for a new post in this blog will add a plus, because I’m still looking forward to learning how to better master SPARKLE, as watching the latest videos, I realized that there are easier ways to accomplish certain tasks than what I was doing, despite using the software for 3 years…

Yeah another option is subscribing to the YouTube channel, if you’re into that.