The new version of my website totally build with sparkle

Hey there, let me invite you to visit the new version of my website.
Your comments are welcomed


Very nice. Great build! On your index page you may want to move up the bottom border somewhat. All else is very, very good.

Looks good but your mobile version needs to be addressed.

Sorry but what do you mean with “need to be addressed”?

Thank you, indeed… i will fix it :wink:

Well done, but the animation at the beginning is so fast, i cannot read it (desktop safari). And on the privacy site you cannot read the butons and they are overlapping the text.

Good eye! Thank you Steffi.
I missed that page in my last check…
I already fixed it

Colorful, creative interesting design, but then I felt there’s too much text to plow through.

You mention some of the types of clients you have had; why not illustrate them with links or even a few screenshots to break up the text and add interest?

Honestly, the long text comes across as “corporate speak”. Maybe that’s your audience.

Thank you for your comments you’re maybe right, the texts are maybe too long, but indeed, the audience is mostly corporate… links could be a solution or perhaps popup images…

Indeed I had the same problem with a museum site regarding text. The museum is an outside village with a Main Street. Every shop on the street had a very long description on what the shop contained. I used an information symbol to trigger a pop up.