The possibility of a CMS?

I know Duncan has had many sleepless nights (well I don’t know that for sure!) on this topic but the Sparkle Forum would be a good place to start…

I have a few Sparkle websites out in the wild doing really well but now at least two clients are asking can they take over the editing and the inside of my head goes blank! :frowning: I know Duncan is always talking about the non complicated designer’s way so I want to talk about Sparkle 1.

I know Sparkle is for all, but when a client pays good money and then starts to mess their website all up because they are not that way inclined then they start asking around to see if there are better ways to gain more control over what is theirs.

So I’m thinking (and I have mentioned this in the past) what about a CMS like version of Sparkle 1 which has parts of it locked down and the owner/client can edit their site with our help, instructions, and supporting videos. As a designer I could even help out remotely where I can give them a helping hand through their purchased Sparkle 1.

The other way I have been thinking is a Sparkle 1 like CMS but in the cloud where both a client and myself (if issues cropped up) can access it. And /gulp/ the beauty with this is that we can bring /gulp/ the PC people into our world - don’t throw stones at me! :slight_smile:

Overall what I’m getting at is having a safe and Sparkle-like way for a more eager client getting access to editing their content and one that doesn’t have us pixel perfect designers having a designers’ breakdown!

I also see the win/win benefits here as we on-sell Sparkle 1 licenses onto our clients that want editing capabilities. Anyway looking forward to some good discussions on this one Sparklets! :slight_smile:


Good suggestion thanks. Not like it wasn’t on our list :slight_smile:

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I know, but maybe further discussion here could further help with insight! :slight_smile:

I did this for a client, they purchased Sparkle 1 and I created 1 page where they can change some data. And they keep the file in ‘iCloud’, so we have both access.

Lode, that is clever and thanks for sharing… So you have Sparkle and your client purchased Sparkle 1… you then created them a Sparkle file and placed it in iCloud that they loaded into Sparkle 1 and now they can edit. A really good interim solution! :slight_smile:

In your experience did they start to play with the layout, change font styles, etc…

I was thinking somewhat more as I was doing the dishes! We could also have a CMS text block and when using it it wraps the text in a script. If I use the Sparkle 1 cloud idea and now we have a html/CCS/javascript site but with a script around the text that can be interfaced that a client can log into and edit. And the clever thing is that it could possibly update the designers Sparkle file when the file is opened in Sparkle. That means the original Sparkle file would always be up to date - that would be cool! :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s it. No, they don’t do that and I made some styles they can use. Now, to be honest, the only thing they have to do is changing the coordinates of the vet on duty in the WE. This said, locking some items in the file can extend the changes they can do.

Hi, I’m about to start a website for a client who clearly insisted on her absolute need to being able to edit some of it herself, every now and then. So I’m really interested in your workaround, but can’t find any “Sparkle 1” on the website… Is it the very first version of the app you’re talking about? Where could I find it and how much would it cost for my client? (Obviously an important point for a small business owner.)
Thanks for your answer!

@nicolasfolliot, Yep you can find Sparkle 1 here -

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I think ‘Sparkle basic’ will suffice.

@lode.rosel, I guess that would depend on the number of pages the site is made up of. I also know Duncan changed up the packages because the “basic” had Sparkle advertising. So you are right, we could start with Sparkle Basic! :slight_smile:

OK that was pretty obvious :man_facepalming:t3: Thanks!