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Hello everyone,
I’m having a little problem with redirects, sometimes when I go to access my website, it comes up with too many redirects and will not load. The strange thing is sometimes I can get into the website but recently the error message is appearing more often, does anyone have an idea what is going on and how to resolve it. Any help would be appropriated.
The website is
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The problem is specific to mobile device access, so I’m guessing some broken server configuration. One way to fix it might be to just delete the contents of the server folder and republish. Or you can ask the web host if they can help.

Thank you, Ducan for your quick response on a Sunday too! which I didn’t expect. I had been in contact with my hosting and after quite some time, they also suggested that I clear the files completely and then re-download them. The odd thing was after a bit of tinkering on their part, it did work on Chrome but not on safari even after emptying the cache. So I have deleted all my files on the server, which filled me with dread, but hey presto, after uploading them again it is all working fine. A super App and super customer service Duncan. thank you.

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