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Odd. I use a group and I fix it at the top of the page. But if I apply an effect to the group or to an element of the group, it no longer attaches to the top of the page. Do you know why ?

Étrange. J’utilise un groupe et je le fixe en haut de page. Mais si j’applique un effet au groupe ou à un élément du groupe, il ne se fixe plus en haut de page. Savez-vous pourquoi ?


I do not know what happens. Did you check the layer panel? Was the group on the first position? After changing something, where is it then? And - just in case - what’s on top now?

Mr. F.

I tried Duncan’s file
Animation | Documentation Sparkle.
It doesn’t work for me.
But if I remove the scroll effect, the block attaches to the top. Weird, right?

@ChristianLePelican, are you using the latest Sparkle, version 4.2?..

C’est bien la 4.2. It’s 4.2

Chez moi, le fichier de Duncan ne fonctionne pas, mais si j’enlève l’effet de défilement, ça marche
For me, Duncan’s file does not work, but if i remove the scroll effect, it works
It’s a mystery


I doubt that this is the original file.
Download it again and test the effect in preview, or live.

The order of “Initially visible header” and “Rest of page header” are reversed.

Mr. F.

Thank you all. I will send a video to Duncan through the feedback.
I’ll keep you up-to-date. thanks again

Duncan found the bug. This is from Safari: to be updated. Thank you all.

Thanks @ChristianLePelican for bringing this up. As mentioned over email I think Safari 12 should still be supported (Safari 9/10 are kind of obsolete), so we’ll look into the exact coding there and hopefully find a workaround to make it work there too.