Tutorial reboot: accordions

We’ve been postponing tutorials for too long, we have now restarted the effort and will be publishing the to our YouTube channel soon. I wanted to get some quick feedback and show you here a preview of one of the more deep tutorials. Specifically this is about building an accordion with the new v5 features, something we haven’t even gotten around to documenting yet:

This and the upcoming ones have been scripted, recorded and voiced by the awesome @scoutdesign, thanks Mike!


Watched it and like it. Not too long, not too short, was not aware of how to handle this ID stuff …

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AS Uwe said, it has the exact duration and it’s good to understand.


Nice and informative tutorial. Well done!

One point of criticism: it looks like it was made with an unreleased version of Sparkle. Maybe 5.0.6? Because, I have V 5.0.5 without the possibility to assign a group ID to a layout block.

So, I expect this version to be made available for download quickly.

Mr. F.

Same here. It shows me exactly how to do it, the timing/speed is ideal - overall I’m looking forward very much to more such helpful videos. And I also enjoy the calm, to-the-point speaker’s voice.

I also must admit, and would have bet my life that there’s a group id, it is mentioned in documentation and there’s an image:

but that group ID for me is only available once - right after creating a new popup and not with the layoutblocks?

I was sure to have seen that groupID but now I cannot see it anymore - Version 5.05. is the most recent version.

I have more the idea that the group ID has gone for some reason for this button and accordion style? It is still available for popups.

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Yeah sorry we should release it already.

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Very good tutorial, it’s been a long time in the making and I’m sure once more tutorials become available we will all get something out of them.
Well done.

This is excellent, thanks @duncan and @scoutdesign these are going to be invaluable, especially for newer users like me! Well done…!

Hi Duncan.

I know, you normally do not tell any dates for releases or updates. But in this case it would be nice to know when we could expect the enhanced new version :slightly_smiling_face:

Mr. F.

5.0 had marketing constraints, and that didn’t turn out well. We recovered mostly over the past 5 dot releases and we’re now trying to get as much as possible fixed without introducing further regressions. So the criteria isn’t a specific date, rather it’s a more “release engineering” oriented metric, namely “rate of priority 1 bugs”, we release when we’re happy with that. AKA “when it’s ready”.


One more note about the tutorial. Even though it is very nice and clearly structured, I would show the end result of the work at the very beginning in the video (and of course at the end).

So here, the finished FAQ page, and then step by step how it is done.

So you can better imagine where the journey goes.

Maybe you can consider this for future tutorials.

Mr. F.


I’ll take on board depending on what the tutorial is about of course. Thanks!

Great idea @Mr_Fozzie

First of all: supergreat seeing you making tuts! Can’t stretch this enough!
Since you asked for feedback:
I’d shorten the styling by 90% (and address it in another video) – this would make the video from 10 to about 3 minutes. And: The group thing is as fas as I can see missing something: I guess you have to assign the group id to the layout blocks, as well – can’t imagine it’s done only with the buttons, no? (Didn’t try it, though).

Hope that helps.

Best, Alex

Yes, just like with popups, you can define a group for each block.

Not yet :neutral_face:
Are you in the beta test program and you have a newer version than most of us?

Mr. F.

Coming soon, as mentioned in another thread.

Excellent tutorial. Well done.

Great tutorial, thank you! More like this would be appreciated!