Type styles panel styles arrangement

It seems that I can reorder type styles to my liking in some device layouts and not others. And on different sites that I am building the device option reordering ability is different.

Example: On some sites I can reorder for the desktop (say 960px) device but the reordering cannot be changed on others. On some sites I can reorder the portrait mobile device (320px) but not others.

Am I missing something here, doing something wrong, or is there a way to reorder type styles universally throughout all device layouts that I am not aware of?


I would also like Sparkle to include a ‘delete’ unused styles feature. As I develop a site I end up with tons of site styles. I suppose it is bad organisation on my part, but a delete unused styles would be highly welcome!


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If you hover over your styles the unused styles will have an X button visible in front of the edit option. If there is no X button then the style is still in use on your site, or device. Font styling is (or can be depending on your selection in device types) device specific. It got me for a while but then there was on oh yeah moment :slight_smile: For that part anyhow.

I struggle with that as well, some files I can reorder, other’s not. I never tried a different device, I look at it.

Chris, I have never noticed that before! That is great info, thank you :slight_smile:


So I just tried it on 1 file, It looks like it’s more inconsistent than I thought.
1/ some device won’t work
2/ when rearranged with an other device, it’s not showing in the other devices the same way.
3/ I can’t always move them to the place I want. They jump lower/higher in place.
Do some more testing tomorrow with an other file.

Yes this is a tricky one to get down to pat!..

My suggestion is to clean the slate (negative all font styles) when it comes to starting a project and then add the fonts you will be using. I also setup all my font-styles on the 1200 or 960px and once that is done you can tweak the size of the font style per device.

Also it is very important not to use your system fonts (what you have on your computer which others would not have on their computer) but the google web-fonts.

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I work in the same way. :slightly_smiling_face:
I clear all the font styles before starting a project and setup my own styles. It requires a bit of planning beforehand but makes things much easier later on.

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There are a couple bugs in the area of style reordering that we were coincidentally just made aware of a few days ago. No worries they’ll be fixed.

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Looking forward to the update. :slightly_smiling_face: