Typewriter Smart Field and Popups


I’m using the Smart Field Typewriter function in a popup. Everything works great as long as the Smart Field/Popup remains visible. However, if I exit the popup and then return later, the typewriter effect seems to have continued typing the ‘Adds’ while failing to remove the "Removes’. Thus, the Smart Field wraps and overwrites to dominate the screen. Two samples follow.

Desired effect (note the area with white background)

Problematic effect

I’ve tested with different tick boxes activated/deactivated but cannot eliminate the overwriting. Perhaps I am missing some key toggle or misunderstand the feature.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks much.

Here is a link to a testing site showing the popup effect in action. It is not the entire file but focused on the popup only.

PPemail Popup Testing

Is anyone else using Smart Fields within popups?

Please send the project file and we’ll take a look.

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Thanks for taking the time @duncan. I hope it is worth your effort and not just that I missed a toggle or something simple :roll_eyes:.

The solution is not too pressing. Hopefully you took a break over the weekend of some sort; perhaps to watch the FIORENTINA vs VENEZIA football match (on now, I believe):grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Sent via link to PPecloud. Thanks.

Thanks, @duncan, for fixing the bug. And on the weekend no less. :bowing_man:

My file works great now. I can see my future clients appreciating your sacrifices already. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I moved to the error file to a new folder, if anyone wishes to observe, with the repaired file displayed as well.