Un-selectable objects

I am using a template to create a website and on one page there are four objects that cannot be selected. They consist of an image, a text box and two social media buttons. When I click on any objects it is as if I am clicking on the page background – neither the Style nor Arrange tabs become visible, just the Page tab. Right clicking doesn’t show anything helpful. If I change the Page background fill the four objects stay in front of the colour. However not being able to select them is as if the four objects don’t exist as far as Sparkle is concerned. Any suggestions would be helpful.

What do you see in the layers panel on the left? Is the object there?
Maybe it is a gigantic background image.

Thank you! They turned out to be objects that had become separated vertically from a Layout Block called Profile Image. Once I had selected the Layout Block, the objects could themselves be selected. Clicking away from them meant they could no longer be selected until the Layout Block was again selected. If an object was moved it became unassociated with the Layout Block (was moved to the root level of the Layers) and could then be selected at any time.

They’ve now all been deleted so thanks for your help.