Unable to get Stripe button to work

Hello Sparklers,

I am having trouble getting the Stripe payment button to work, I have set up two dummy products with their own individual button, I have assigned them both a Price ID as per the instructions and also added the Publishable key in the correct section.
The buttons appear on the website and I can click them, however, nothing happens, it just Sits there.
I have also added the web addresses in the stripe settings. including www.
Has anyone else had issues and managed to get them working?
In addition, I have also Enabled client only setting.
Is there something I am missing that needs to be set?
Any help would be appreciated.
best regards

I haven’t yet used the Stripe payment button, but could it be a privacy thing?..

The website I am using it on is a test website, could you may elaborate on the privacy thing if you can?
I’m just thinking allowed, do you think it might have something to do with it not having an ssl certificate?

I really don’t know but have you road tested it live on the web? Try it for maybe a few minutes and see.

I have yea, the website I’m testing it on is live even though it is a test environment.
Thank you for your suggestion

A client of mine uses, because of the same issue as you may have, payment lonks.
This works almost perfect - privacy policy and data protection must be checked via/with stripe.
Another important fact are prices, depending wether to use a payment link or a checkout link.
My client and her clients are very happy with this and how easy that works.
It’s quite a lot of work (understand and comprehend) with stripe but then it works seemlessly.

If interested, check on : https://spiritual-soul-art.com

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Thank you very much Uwe, I have tested using the link method and it works, I will go down this route now , I’ve even managed to get it to return back to my website once payment is complete.

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Did you manage this without a monthly fee? And how, if you don’t mind. My client was not able to do so.

Thanks in advance and Kind regards,

The stripe button is expected to work, so if something’s not working feel free to get in touch, email your test project to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll look into it

@UweRausB I don’t pay a monthly fee for stripe. Basically I created a couple of products using stripes dashboard, I made a couple of sample products, then went into each of the products individually and within the pricing section of that product you will see the 3 dots (Ellipsis) clicking that it should bring up a menu, one of the links is create payment link. This will take you to another page to create it, once created, copy the code snippet into Sparkle using the Embed function.
I hope that helps.
Best regards

@duncan Thank you Duncan, I will forward it on via email.