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🌟 Unleash Your Web Creativity with Sparkle Bot! 🌟

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Powered by GPT-4, Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and DALL-E.
By Laurentino Nieves Cruz

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interesting @lpbeats!
Is it similar to what Sparkle has built into Sparkle 5? or are you “pulling our leg”?..

Oh sorry, the last sentence is the link to it.
So how does it work? Does it create Sparkle project files that Sparkle 5 can open?

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its the same tech you’ve used on the last 4 months when answering people here in the community?

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Sparkle’s AI Generator and this tool, the Digital Sparkle Assistant, serve different purposes within the realm of web design and development.

Sparkle’s AI Generator feature in Sparkle is focused on generating content. It helps users create text-based content for their websites. This is particularly useful for creating engaging copy, headings, or descriptions, which can be time-consuming.

Digital Sparkle Assistant: Sparkle Bot’s role is to assist in a broader range of tasks related to website creation using Sparkle. It provides in-depth guidance, advice, and support throughout the web development process. This includes assessing existing web projects, offering insights on how to use Sparkle’s features effectively, and providing comprehensive advice based on Sparkle’s documentation and community insights. Sparkle bot’s goal is to facilitate a smoother and more efficient web design journey for users.

In summary, while Sparkle’s AI Generator is more focused on content creation, SparkleBot offers a more comprehensive support system for all aspects of website development using Sparkle.

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:laughing: Engraçado Primo… Experimente e você verá

Sparkle Bot

Ok, I see… Interesting!
And thank you for the thorough explanation! :slight_smile:

So I’m assuming there is a cost? Or does the ChatGPT Pro have a cost attached?
The introduction page doesn’t say much other than sign up.

I found out the GPT-4 plus cost $20 per month, not sure what the SparkleBot cost on top of it.
When I clicked through, it felt more and more not right to me. There is not much written what it does and what advantages we Sparkle App user have.

For just creating content, there are far more cheaper AI option those I already use.

I clicked the link, all it does is takes me to the chat Gpt app. Am I missing something?

Just a heads up that my first question was answered incorrectly… might not be worth the cost of GPT just yet.


You’ll need a ChatGPT PRO account which costs $20 a month to have access to their tools.
The SparkleBot is FREE

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Is not intended for content creation which can still be done, is more of an assistant that helps you while working with the Sparkle App.

The link will take you right to it, but, you need a GPT Pro account to access the tools…

Hey Duncan, thanks for the feedback! When you said it was answered incorrectly do you mean it should say “style tab” instead of arrange? Other than that seems correct to me…

Yes it’s “Stick to page top” option, disclosed by the “Custom scrolling” checkbox, in the style inspector.

Just saying it’s incorrect, and finicky about what exact wording will produce what answer. And this is the first question that came to mind, and a relatively simple one at that.

I’m just as surprised as anybody else about how GPT works, but if the goal is answering Sparkle questions, this is in my opinion not worth the $20/month.

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Why do i need an AI then? I have Duncan as main support and this forum as backup support. That’s technically for free.
Rather i spend $20 monthly otherwise
My opinion anyhow.