Unusual appearance of website on smartphone?

Help please. This is a new problem on the smartphone. On Sparkle preview the page looks fine but on the web it looks odd. This only happens to some pages and the same page looks good on “Readers View”. I wonder why? The link to the odd looking webpage is https://sites.ualberta.ca/~mhirji/a-fish-out-of-water.html. Screen shot of the preview and another of the odd appearance online attached.

@mhirji, I would say it is your mobile device hasn’t been tweaked?
How many devices have you created? From what I have seen your desktop works well but not your tablet or your mobile…

Hi Hendrik. The page looks perfect on the mobile device page of the web builder and the preview of that page. But once published, something happens. If one looks at the same page on readers view on the smartphone it looks fine?