Upgrade glitch with forms

Just a quick note re a minor upgrade glitch I have noticed. I had been getting fewer emails in from the website form than usual, which I thought odd, but didn’t think too much about it, as nothing had changed on the site. Anyway, I spoke to someone yesterday who said they’d sent one through, but I double checked and I hadn]t received it. So I tested it myself and it all seemed to go thorough OK, but the email never arrived.

So, to fix it, I went into the site, and tried deleting the SEND button, then pating it again, so it retained all its formatting. It did, however, require that I reassigned all the form fields to it again, as they were unticked.

Once I did this, I tested it again it worked fine and I have even had another in from a thrid party this morning.

So, if you have been having suspiciously few form contacts through, then it would be worth testing it.

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