Uploading ftp directory files

I was able to get Sparkles fpt program to upload files to my host but the webpage is still static as the future home of my site?
I saw the jpgs when I uploaded the files but cannot access them to edit or remove them on my hosts server? Is there a way to view the uploaded files in Sparkles ftp server, I know they went somewhere I can’t see them in a directory to edit or delete them?

Sorry I am new to this, my host helped get the ftp connection to but work where are those files now?
Bib thanks for any insight!

If I understand your post correctly, you want to access files on your server that you have uploaded with Sparkle.

Use an FTP application to access your server independently of Sparkle.

You could try:

  • FIleZilla - Very popular, free to use, but has a complicated interface thay you probably won’t need for basic tasks
  • CyberDuck - FTP app for Mac, it has a free version, it can be unreliable at times, although generally it’s okay, relatively easy to use
  • Transmit - FTP app for Mac, not free, very easy to use, its my go-to ftp app and comes highly recommended

Keep in mind Sparkle is an ‘a website builder with an ftp app built in’ so editing files on your server may negatively impact a website you have Published directly from Sparkle.


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I was able to load my files to my host and your ftp interface worked nicely.
I am learning the Sparkle application and put a few things up to show a friend and learn the program but I want to delete it now so the files are all gone (not stored on my site) so I can upload a more permanent page soon. Can I eliminate them without a third party ftp application (download and delete)?
I like Sparkle a lot and am sorry if these are newby questions but this old man is learning some things so thanks for your help! // bob

You should be able to log into your hosting account through a web browser. If you have cPanel on your hosting you can go to the files manager section and delete the html files you uploaded. If your host uses a different control panel, there will be a similar file management option. Be careful not to delete any other files contained in the home directory unless you know exactly what files have been uploaded. Another, safer, alternative is to create a simple holding page in sparkle and upload that through Sparkle’s ftp option. This won’t delete ALL the files and folders, but it should prevent the existing site from showing. It basically replaces the index.htm file with your holding page.

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Thanks that is what I thought. Your site folder would become pretty bloated if you couldn’t delete old files.
I will try to find that cPanel and learn how to manage those files.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your suggestions!

My favorite ftp program for the Mac is Fetch. It has great capabilities for editing on your host site.