V3.0.8 weird behaviour when changing visibility on all pages

Just downloaded 3.0.8 and used it to create a site (based on one of the templates -shepherds). When I created a new page and selected the menu to display on all pages, all my font sizes changed! It was also impossible to undo so I had to revert to my last saved version.

Hi @Torch, that sounds like a bug, though I have never seen it. I just tried and it didn’t happen. Maybe you can walk me through?

It was strange. It happened a number of times exactly the same then suddenly it didn’t! I thought I carried out the same actions each time but maybe not. I need to try to reproduce it again before I can walk you through it…

I see now it is apparently a temporary effect but could be confusing:

Create a new site based on the Shepherd template, switch to 320px device view, add a new page, select the menu on the home page, change visibility to show on all pages, select new page, select home page - all font sizes appear to have changed with red warning outlines to the text boxes.

Double clicking inside each text box does reset the font again as does switching devices and back but it seems a strange phenomenon.