Version 5.1 now out

Version 5.1 now out, I see. Anyone using it yet?

Why wouldn’t you :slight_smile:

Everybody needs to update to 5.1, it’s better in every way!


And all you beta testers will know how good it is. I’ve yet to make it crash!


Finally took the plunge and upgraded to 5.1. Much faster! Didn’t have to change anything, apart from resaving the files. Thank you Duncan for making it such a painless experience. Definitely worth the effort you have put in.

5.1 is not faster at all on my side. But no need to resave.

Kind Regards,

I have an Intel machine and it’s noticeably faster on that; perhaps not so much if you have Apple silicon.
But you do have to resave as the Version 5 file format is different.

Some people have had the pre release of 5.1 for a while so they don’t notice the performance improvements, because they have been either incremental or the jump happened a few weeks ago. The improvements are there.