Vertical Nav menu 320px - 2 questions

I’m missing something in the documentation.

  1. I make a vertical nav bar, with auto add pages checked. Upon creation only 4 or 5 vertical entries are visible in the nav bar. In the style menu I note that some of the pages are grey. Enlarging the container of the bars doesn’t help. I can’t seem to figure this one out.
  2. I’d like to change the color of the nav bar only - but every time I end up adjusting the color of the pages. This one still baffles me. Help!


@Woodrow, ok…

  1. Have you checked if the pages are “hidden”? Please see the screenshot…

    If the page in the Menu view panel is greyed out then you can click on the page and then use the “eye” icon to unhide it which will make it appear in your menu.

  2. It sounds like the colour swatch you are changing is also assigned to your pages.
    Try creating a seperate colour swatch for your menu and see if that helps.

I figured out #2. Made a different swatch in the first row of colours.
I’ll check on the “hidden” pages icon for #1. Very puzzling. Thanks @greenskin.


Yes. @greenskin Henrik to the rescue. The pages were hidden. Both problems solved.

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