Very poor as to putting title on image

Very poor as to putting title on image , now I may be doing something wrong , but when I go to put the description on a image in " Device Desktop pc’s " all is fine till I look at the rest of the devices and the text I put in is either nowhere to be seen but needs to be altered in size and location , why is this ?? this is using the " Show Label " to put in the text , just that my visitors know what they are looking at …if I am doing something wrong I would appreciate any advice …if not then this is a problem that needs sorting.

@Joephoto, my advice is to build out your website on the one device first. Once you are done introduce whichever other devices you’d like…

If you use Sparkle’s Auto Scale then you don’t need to touch things unless the text is to small and then you go back to the original device and increase the text size.

When introducing the mobile device this needs to be done in Custom Layout, and yes you will need to manually adjust the elements and increase font size to make it presentable to your Viewers.


And use text styles.

Mr. F.