Video at full page width?

Hi, is it possible to add a video at full page width; would be nice to use it as a background.

Many thanks

Hello @StratBluesLC and welcome to the Sparkle community.

Yes, it is possible to add video as a full page background.
In the “Page Setup” choose video as a background.
You can find a detailed description here:

But it’s not yet possible to put videos in a full width box. Maybe this functionality will be added in a future update.


Thanks @Shadowfax for your help, I will give that a go.

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I get a … “The video file isn’t in a recognized formant” when I try a .m4v (HEVC)
That’s the ideal formant, right?

Hello @north3d

HEVC is a new High Efficiency Video Codec, also known as H.265.
I don’t think Sparkle supports it (yet), but we have to ask @duncan to be absolutely sure.

Use the H.264 video codec and it will work. I never had any problems with it.
Both file extensions work as well: .m4v and .mp4

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H265 isn’t currently widely supported on the web, only safari in fact.

Since support isn’t universal, both h265 and h264 video need to be offered. We don’t plan on adding video transcoding in sparkle because of the patents around video compression and file formats.

So you would need to provide both video formats, for a relatively minor win.

There are many video transcoding apps available.
I’ve been using HandBrake for many years. It’s free. Open source. Offers many settings.