Does anybody know how to create like that VIDEO backgrounds on a LOOP in Sparkle that look so cool?? is there anyone that can kind of do a quick tutorial on that? lol

Thanks so much !

Not sure which video you are referring to, but any video can be made into a background video that Loops. Add a video object to your page and add the video you wish to use. Then go to the arrange tab. There you will see the option to make the video Full Page Width. This will fill the width of the browser with your video content. You can adjust the height of the video by dragging it’s resize handles.

Screenshot 32

Back in the Style Tab, select the option to Start Automatically and have it Loop.

NOTE: A video set to Autoplay will be muted if it contains a soundtrack.

Tips. Select a short video clip - maybe about 10 seconds or so. Try to trim the video so that the last frame is similar to the first frame. Choose a video that has been shot from a static position - no panning, zooming or tilts. Video from streaming services cannot be set to loop, so you will have to use a self hosted video, or one that you host on a server (network location)