Video Hosting Options

My goal is to self host the videos on my server and then
use a player in Sparkle. I do not want to use YouTube or Vimeo.

Is there a way to use a video player such as JWPlayer


@matsheen, I’m thinking Duncan would be your man on this! I checked out the code and it isn’t a simple iframe embed - there is header script, div containers, body script. I’m not confident enough to say anymore, sorry…

Hi @matsheen, welcome!

We integrate, which is a lighter weight alternative to JW Player. Anything specific about JW Player you miss with Sparkle’s video player?

About replacing youtube/vimeo, using an mp4 is not a full replacement. Youtube and vimeo use a form of video streaming that is adaptive to the available bandwidth. The component we use would also support those techniques, but they require an elaborate video conversion process which we can’t directly integrate into Sparkle due to patents on the container file formats. We’re still mulling over how to do this well.