Video Tutorials from the group

It would be educational to have video tutorials from Duncan or users to
tackle specific “how to” in this tutorial topics section. A kind of reference
video library.

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Agreed. What do you want to see explained? (anybody feel free to chime in)

Hi Duncan and members,
to the simple things to the most advanced design. I would just like to watch videos of “how to”. versus reading text or look at a picture. I’m more visual… I saw one or two video on this board i think and it was quite useful. It would be nice to see the advance users to share their knowledge visually.


Serif have produced a nice collection of tutorial videos for their Affinity Suite. You can check them out here:

There are videos for each of the applications, for both desktop and for the iPad.

It’s a good model.


Video tutorials are great, I agree.
Affinity has done a lot of them already and they are very helpful.
I switched from Adobe to Affinity and sometimes I need some help to find certain features. :slightly_smiling_face:

So yes, maybe we Sparkle users can create some of our own. I would support that as well and if time allows, I’d be happy to record some myself.


Hi Duncan,
I would like to see how to add some sort of a blog where visitors can make comments and ask questions, and I can answer the questions. I’m sort of a beginner.
Also, maybe showing someone setting up a site from scratch. Talking through the decisions to be made at the beginning. Like setting up the font for headings, body, etc.
Thank you.