Viewable video on mobile

The background to this issue I’m trying to get my head around is that I have a button that when clicked/touched on desktop and tablet opens up a video that is streamed form Youtube. For both devices the Youtube video floats above my client’s website so all good! :slight_smile:

So now the mobile…
When I do the same thing on mobile instead of the floating video I’m pushed onto Youtube’s mobile site and have to fiddle on their site to get the mobile to play. So I’m trying to figure out why that is and why doesn’t the video open up and float above the site on mobile like on tablet and desktop? I don’t have “privacy support” enabled… could that be the reason?

Here is a link to the site in question -

Thank you for your help(s)! :slight_smile:

There is no way, it’s a policy that is under control of the user (though not many people know how to control it), and it’s the iPhone deciding at that point.

I can’t rule out that we could change something in how Sparkle produces the code there, but I don’t really know what. If you can point me to a website that opens a youtube video on the page on mobile I can take a look.

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@duncan, Thank you Duncan for getting back to me and explaining your take on it.
I’ll go and hunt an example out for you and get back to you with it…