Vimeo blue screen

I am experiencing something strange with Vimeo these days. Sometimes a blue screen pops up and the video doesn’t load. Is this coming from a slow connexion ?
And, what does the “see the associated video” check box do when you check it please ?

thanks for your help

@benross, I’ll let @duncan answer you on what the issue would be. From my end of late (approx. 3-4 months) I have noticed a lot of lag and stalling issues with Vimeo, and at times just freezing up! :frowning:

Hi @benross, do you have a sample page to show? No problem in my tests.

The related video setting is obsolete and will be removed.

You can check my website, here is an example

For now it works but it’s not always the case
You can check my website, here is an example

If it’s an issue that happens from time to time that would suggest a Vimeo issue.

the problem is that it looks like a bug, never had experienced this before, on other websites. Maybe i will put a personalized vignette.

have a good one

I think Vimeo videos waiting to Privacy Policy situation…

If you use “Still + Embed” it is working without Privacy Policy…

You can try

ok thanks for your help

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