Visitor Link Color

I’d love to see an option to have an option to select a visited link color. Ideally, this would be a site-wide option.

@habboud, More so an active text with a hover and a visit state would really be ideal!

With this hack you can achieve it in the interim… a:link, a:hover, and a:visited via the “Embedded” element.

Good one, I hadn’t thought about it. But I’d have to put it on each page.

You can use a Button. This has the option to do what you are asking.

@Sven, true but when it comes to active linked text it won’t because you’ll have buttons acting like active linked text throughout your content - not really practical.

@habboud, no you just make it so on one page and then click the embedded container and then under the “Arrange” tab on the right of Sparkle click on “Show on all pages”…

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