Waiting for a sparkling day

It’s launched now …

Okay. Documentation for 3.0 not yet available. Also the app is not yet appearing in the Mac App Store, and it’s not clear how I will be able to purchase the upgrade to Sparkle 3.0 Pro via the Mac App Store.

May require an additional day for that stuff to get sorted out.

Sparkle downloaded! Big Sur didn’t! :wink:

English documentation is also out: https://sparkleapp.com/docs/

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Am reading through the documentation now.

BTW, I noticed that there was an optional “Developer License” unlocking certain custom coding features. Not that I will necessarily take the dive into that deep end of the pool, but out of curiosity, is there online documentation of these Developer License tools and features in Sparkle 3.0?

Not much more than screenshots for now: https://sparkleapp.com/docs/developer-options.html


It’s almost Friday here in the States but we’re ready to Sparkle-on!