Warning Protection in Germany

In Germany, there is warning protection for websites. A reference is probably integrated into the code of the homepage via an IT security law firm. As a German user with Sparkle, what do I have to pay attention to or what do I have to place in the homepage in order to comply with the requirements of the IT law firm?
Regards St.George :grinning:

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Please be more precise about your โ€œproblemโ€.
Is it about the DSGVO cookie and more banner where you have to either accept or decline cookies and / or 3rd party things?

Please read here: Privacy Banner

Let us know if this solved your problem or if you have more questions.

Mr. F.

Reading the information listed in your message on SPARKLE, it is mentioned that we need to collect user consent. Does SPARKLE collect cookie consent by default and if so, where are they located?
If not, how?
Thank you!
If you have a contact form you will most likely need to link to your privacy policy, and you might need consent, and collecting proof of consent, depending on what personal data you will be collecting.