Web publication settings

Hello, I just update to a new (MacBookPro) MBP, installed Sparkle, put the registration code in and loaded the .sparkle file of my website. Now I want to publish it and have to fill in all the details? Does Sparkle not store the publication settings in the .sparkle file? Somehow the publication screens from the old MBP and new MBP do not match. Why can’t I see all the publication settings in the old MBP that I have to fill in for the new MBP?
Thanks for helping, Hans

I think I saw somewhere that Sparkle stores settings in the Mac keychain.

Thank you, probably these were not copied with the migration tool.
Because I’ve opened the settings on the old MBP to look for the publication settings I now also lost them there. I can’t get to the right publication folder anymore.

Possibly email Duncan on the feedback link in help and he’ll fix it

Yeah they’re stored in the keychain. I’m afraid re-entering the settings is the only solution.

Ok, I did re-enter but run into some problems, I can’t select the right folder anymore. I will mail Duncan with details tomorrow.

Keychain data is stored locally on each Apple device. If you use iCloud, then when you setup up a new Apple device, such as as your new MBP, iCloud copies the Keychain data to your new Mac. If you purchase apps such as Sparkle through the App Store, then upon download MacOS accesses Keychain’s Sparkle data. If you don’t purchase through the App Store and/or don’t use iCloud, you have to manually reenter the settings. For security, migration software including MacOS’s, isn’t allowed Keychain access.

That’s all correct. There is unfortunately some edge case where the keychain doesn’t allow Sparkle to access its own data. We have never reproduced this, but we know Sparkle customers are seeing this issue. Sometimes it can be fixed by locking and unlocking the login keychain, using the Keychain Access app.

Thanks Jeffrey, Well it is often more complicated then it looks at first sight… :slight_smile: I didn’t use the Apple App store tp purchase Sparkle but I use iCloud. And I reentered the settings. I just sent a mail to Duncan with some details. Best regards, Hans

Thanks Duncan, I just mailed some details. Hope you can help. Best regards, Hans