Web Push Notification

Hi Sparklers,

A few questions about using Web Push Notifications.
(I searched here and documentations but couldn’t find anything about them. It seems there are multiple terms for the function but I mean the alerts that pop into one’s web browser.)

  • Can these be used with Sparkle?
  • Has anyone worked with them?
  • How easily was it integrated with Sparkle?
  • What privacy concerns might arise?

My primary interest is for a blog page to notify readers of updates but of course other uses are possible.

Many thanks for any comments.

RSS was intended to doing that.

Blockquote RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it’s just a stream of data . If you click this icon, you’ll be subscribing of a specific research using the RSS reader. By email. With email subscription you will receive notifications via email.

Blockquote Sparkle will produce an RSS feed automatically when you create a blog . The feed will be visible both in the blog and on the home page. If you have multiple blogs the home page will expose all of them. The way these are exposed is machine readable, using a rel=alternate link in the page code.

Hope that helps.

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Excellent! Michael. Thanks much. And I even read last March Duncan’s RSS explanation you linked :person_shrugging:.

RSS is well established, even ‘old school.’ Seems I let the shiny object distract from the simple solution. Occam’s Razor :razor: to the rescue… :pray: My wife wishes I’d use any razor on this winter beard. With Occam’s, thankfully I need only shave my thinking. :thinking:

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